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Strippers (Selection)


Stripper for nickel phosphorous alloys

  • removes nickel coatings from iron
  • does not attack the base material
  • free from cyanides


Stripper K

  • removes metals from contact hooks
  • stripped off metals  precipitate as hydroxides / oxides


Stripper NC

  • electrolytic process to remove metals from contact hooks
  • stripping velocity up to 30 µm/min
  • to remove normal metals except for lead, tin and their alloys


Nickel (Selection)


SUPRAGAL High-efficiency bright nickel processes


Flocculating agent BW

  • special flocculant for waste water treatment
  • produces easily filterable and coarse flocculent sludges


Anti-foaming agent for waste water treatment

  • to avoid and destruct the formation of foam
  • can be added directly

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